Lookbook summer/fall 

New connections were made and cool projects took shape. In our new lookbook we’re featuring new models, new photographs and we give you an update on our collaborations.

We want to inspire you with our look and feel and we truly hope this serves as a sufficient inspiration for new initiatives.

This edition is also available as hardcopy

About The Book

With our lookbook we want to give our clients a good impression about who we are and what we do. We’ll update it for times a year with new models and new photographs. We believe that the power of giving something tangible with a delicate design is valuable. 

About Inbetween 

Inbetween Models represents models with size 36, 38 and 40. As a new category modelling agency, we focus on the ‘normal’ in-between sizes that are more relatable to public audiences. We are convinced that together, we can make a change in the fashion industry. 

What’s inside



Inbetween Models



Inbetween Models


This is how we work




Our models



Every model has a separate page with a small selection of her portfolio and her measurements.
Our lookbook gives you a lot of inspiration and a good view of the models we represent.

Because beautiful fits everybody

 Join us today and we’ll show the world that the fashion and cosmetic industry is open to inclusivity.
Use models with beauty and glamour representing the actual sizes of your target audience.