Iris Seltenrijch:

‘I didn’t meet the
high fashion standards’

Faye van hest:

I was frequently told
I had to lose weight

Jessica Ishimwe:

‘Now I feel confident
and secure again’

Relatable sizes

We embody a new type of agency, an agency devoted to building powerful brands out of the talents, passions and ideas, thus making our unique clients genuinely extraordinary. As a sub category modelling agency, we focus on the “normal” in-between sizes that are way more relatable to public audiences.

”I can’t comprehend why these sizes are not accepted yet, in the world of fashion. I realise it’s hard to keep on believing in oneself after rejections for this reason. However, I am convinced that, together, we can achieve this with persistence.
I wish to offer my assistance to others and be a source of inspiration to women while setting off a change in the fashion industry”.

Terry Groenen - Founder



collabs with agencys

Our (inbetween) models

Our models were carefully chosen and are distinct from typical models, through casting days we provide a comprehensive selection. Also Personal attention is very important to us. We groom our models to be totally prepared in the field with portfolio shoots, feedback, personal coaching and workshops.

Your chance to make a change

Your brand is different from others, no matter if you’re selling sport gear, bathing products or regular apparel. Value your customers while you are also indicate that you are willing to help change the fashion industry. The world is definitely ready for a new model.
A model recognized by the majority of modern women. 

100+ brands already did it:


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