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Inbetween models is an all-inclusive modeling agency that strives for a more diverse and healthier fashion industry for all. With a personal and professional approach as one of our highest values, we guide our models to become the fashion (role) models of today. 

We are an agency with a large and ever-growing social movement. We are always striving for growth and we keep on breaking the current industry standards.

As an agency, we are committed to making the fashion industry a healthier and safer place and strive to promote self-love and body positivity. We do this together with our models and social movement on an international level. Our vision is to be the inspiration for change on a large scale. 

Terry Groenen, owner of Inbetween Models started this movement of role models. After being too big and too skinny for the fashion industry standards she decided to be the change in the fashion industry. By sharing her personal story with the biggest media platforms in the Netherlands, she created a chain of reactions from both models and young girls. They all shared the same experience of being tired to try and fit into a perfect picture they are not. A perfect picture that is so outdated and unfortunately a lot of times unhealthy to achieve. From that moment Terry founded Inbetween Models, so that all these young women do not have to go down the toxic road of revolving their modeling careers around working out and dieting nonstop.

While Terry her story helped her achieve Inbetween Models, she continues to advocate for a healthy change in the fashion industry worldwide. “ To be an Inbetween Model means to be completely yourself, a huge part of that is to not be afraid to speak up and share your story. That’s why I continue to encourage my models to unapologetically be themselves, to be honest, and to be aware they can always talk to me about everything. I find it important that young girls are inspired by my models, that they look at magazines and see confident and strong girls who are comfortable in their own bodies. My goal with Inbetween Models is: Boys and girls being more than just models, by becoming a role model.’



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