About Us

We embody a new type of agency, an agency devoted to building powerful brands out of the talents, passions and ideas, thus making our unique clients genuinely extraordinary. As a sub category modelling agency, we focus on the “normal” in-between sizes that are way more relatable to public audiences.

The story

Terry Groenen (size 38) is the founder of Inbetween Models. Facing some serious rejections, she was told that she was too large to be a model. Yet, during her appearance on the TV Show Curvy Supermodel, she was told that she wasn’t “curvy enough”. Curvy models should hold at least size 42. This made her exactly too large for the “regular” world of modelling and too skinny as a curvy model. She received substantial media attention after the first episode of “Curvy Supermodel” with many positive responses following the rejection.

Up to 2018, We’ve only known models (size 34) and curvy models (size 42 and up). Many women will recognise themselves in the market for Inbetween Models of sizes 36-38-40. With her new agency, Inbetween Models, Terry creates a magnificent platform for the models of the future with her new agency. Terry is convinced that the fashion industry will recognise the added value of Inbetween Models. Many women will find sizes over 34 to be much more realistic as a point of reference.

Terry: “I can’t comprehend why sizes 38-40 are not accepted yet, in the world of fashion. I realise it’s hard to keep on believing in oneself after rejections for this reason. However, I am convinced that, together, we can achieve
this with persistence. I wish to offer my 
assistance to others and be a source of inspiration to women
setting off a change in the fashion industry”.

This is how

we work


• Our models were carefully chosen and are distinct from typical models 

• Our casting days provide a comprehensive selection

 Personal attention is very important to us

• We groom our models to be totally prepared in the field with portfolio shoots, feedback, personal coaching and workshops

Why inbetween models

More identifiable

Because more women recognise themselves, which will positively affect your customers. A marketing campaign or magazine with an ‘Inbetween Model’, provides positive publicity. It also creates goodwill.


Fewer consumer returns

 Inbetween models do not fall in size “0” or in the plus sizes – but in between. That’s sizes 36, 38 and 40. By focusing on these sizes, the recognition within the target group (of average Dutch sizes) is much stronger. Next to that, fewer returns, the shape of women is properly displayed by our models.


Your brand is different from others, no matter if you’re selling sport gear, bathing products or regular apparel. Valuing your customers while you are also indicating that you are willing to help change the fashion industry. The world is definitely ready for a new model.
A model recognized by the majority of modern women. 

In the media

Terry Groenen, (the founder), received since the start of Inbetween Models a lot of media attention.
This is a small overview of the interviews and personal stories that were published.

Because beautiful fits everybody

 Join us today and we show the world that the fashion industry is open to inclusivity.
Use models with beauty and glamour representing the actual sizes of your target audience.